Omar de Armas

Hello, my name is Omar de Armas.

Thanks for looking me up! Check out my Resume.

Since 2001 most of my days have been spent at the beach as Lifeguard for L.A. County Fire Dept. (Trust me its totally not like Baywatch.) I've worked in Youth Programs for the county since 2005, where we bring kids of all ages and abilities to the beach to have fun kayaking, surfing, and sailing.

Once a week I do a super fun and super dumb podcast with some good friends about video games and comic books called Indestructible Art. You should totally check it out. I'm pretty proud to be a part of it. Once a month I get to help some friends with an awesome meet up they host called I shoot and edit the presentation videos. You can see all those here.

Recently I've been doing a lot more Pre and Post Production Video work. If you have something that you need someone to work on let me know.

Have a question or just wanna chat, drop me a line.